We're a group of individuals and communities who are linked by the Greenhorn Limestone formation in Central and Western Kansas. We're here to promote education, preservation, tourism, and other endeavors tied to our Post Rock Limestone. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and rely on grants and donations from people like you.

our mission

To promote, preserve, and protect the history, art, and architecture of the Kansas Post Rock Limestone region
through education and tourism.

Our Board of Directors

Bradley Penka, LaCrosse
Jeannie Stramel, Lucas
Terry Bailey, Beloit
Christina Hayes, Great Bend
Tami McGreevey, Ellsworth
Lisa Goodheart, Mankato
Kris Heinze, Lincoln
Charma Craven, Luray
Rosslyn Schultz, Lucas (ex-officio)

Vacant Position

Vacant Position

Vacant Position


Andy Stanton is an independent contractor who serves as our

Executive Director.


Board meetings

Our board meets bi-monthly in one of the communities within the KPRLC 

Meeting Minutes

Bradley Penka
Rosslyn Schultz
Lucille Heller

Terry Rowe
Jessica Homolka
Lisa Goodheart

Charma Craven
Connie Dougherty
Debra Parmenter
Kelly Larson
Terry Bailey

Jeannie Stramel
Leah Garman
Melody Saxton

Tami McGreevey
Gloria Moore

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